The liblept Visual Studio 2008 Solution

Screenshot of Liblept Solution Explorer pane

The Visual Studio 2008 Solution Explorer shows these three main sections for the liblept solution:

  1. liblept168 is the main project for building the library.

  2. The prog_projects Solution Folder contains a sample project for building a prog program. As explained later you can use this project as the basis for building projects for the other programs in the prog directory.

  3. The prog_files Solution Folder contains entries for all the .c files in the leptonica-1.68\prog folder further broken down by filename, type, and category. These are not Visual C/C++ projects. You can’t use this Solution Folder to build the prog programs. It just gives you an easy way to look at the files.


The free Express editions of Visual Studio do not support Solution Folders. They will be displayed as (unavailable).

leptonica.sln Solution Explorer contents

liblept168\            Main project for building liblept
 Header files\
 Resource Files\
 Source files\
prog_files\                Solution Folder (NOT projects) for prog directory contents
  Basic Box, Boxa and Boxaa Functions\
  Basic Image Operations\
  Basic Pix Array Functions\
  Basic Pix Functions\
  Colormap Utilities and Related Operations\
  Connected Components in Binary Images\
  Formatted IO\
  Fundamental Data Structures for Computation\
  Image Display\
  Image Morphology\
  Image Operations With Filling\
  Image Quantization, Depth Conversion\
  Image Scaling\
  Line Graphics and Special Output\
  Low-level Pixel Access\
  Other Geometric Image Transformations\
  Specialized Document Image Processing\
  Specialized Image Filters\
  Regression Test\
proj_projects              Projects for building prog programs
  Source Files

BuildFolder\leptonica-1.68 contents

config\                    Not used for Windows builds
prog\                      Regression tests, examples, utilities
src\                       Source files for liblept
vs2008\                    Visual Studio 2008 specific files
 DLL Debug\                 liblept DLL Debug build output
 DLL Release\               liblept DLL Release build output
 LIB Debug\                 liblept LIB Debug build output
 LIB Release\               liblept LIB Release build output
 prog_projects\             Projects for prog programs
  ioformats_reg\             Sample project for prog\ioformats_reg.exe
   DLL Debug\                 DLL Debug build output for sample project
   DLL Release\               DLL Release build output for sample project
   LIB Debug\                 LIB Debug build output for sample project
   LIB Release\               LIB Release build output for sample project
   ioformats_reg.vcproj       The ioformats_reg project file
 leptonica.sln              The Leptonica solution file
 leptonica.vcproj           The Leptonica project file

Visual Studio 2008 Tab settings

The liblept source files assume that tabs are 8 spaces, indents are 4 spaces wide, and that indentation uses just spaces. To set this in Visual Studio 2008 choose Tools ‣ Options | Text Editor | C/C++ | Tabs and set as follows:

Tab Size: 8
Indent Size: 4
(*) Insert Spaces
( ) Keep Tabs