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Updated: Jun 28, 2014

    Taking fun
      as simply fun
    and earnestness
      in earnest
    shows how thoroughly
      thou none
    of the two

            --Piet Hein (Grooks)


All the even-numbered releases from Version 1.42 through 1.60, and all subsequent releases through 1.69, are still available for download at code.google.com/p/leptonica.

Latest version: 1.71 (6/28/14)


Version: 1.70 (1/24/14) (Ubuntu 14.04)


Version: 1.69 (1/12/12) (Ubuntu 12.04)


Version: 1.68 (3/14/11)


Version: 1.67 (11/9/10)


Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

This is Tom Powers' Windows developer package, including scripts and project files for building the library and executables that link standard file I/O libraries. See his developer package notes for where to unzip this file.

Version: vs2008-1.68 (3/14/11)


Version: vs2008-1.67 (11/9/10)


This is Tom Powers' zip file that contains the entire 'lib' and 'include' directories needed to build Windows-based programs using static or dynamic versions of the leptonica library (including static library versions of zlib, libpng, libjpeg, libtiff, and giflib). The libraries are built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 32-bit. See his developer package notes for version details, including where to unzip this file.

Version 1.68: leptonica-1.68-win32-lib-include-dirs (3/14/11)


Version 1.67: leptonica-1.67-win32-lib-include-dirs (11/9/10)


Even if you're not going to develop applications using the leptonica library on Windows, you may want to look at the beautiful vs2008 Developer Notes that Tom constructed using Sphinx.


This is a self-contained package that extracts C prototypes from C files. It was a fun exercise (see grook above) in building a simple parser with the leptonica string array (Sarray) utility. It is also included in the leptonica library.

Version 1.5 (5/15/11)



This is a self-contained package with a simple interface to gnuplot, but with no other dependencies. It is also included in the leptonica library.

Version 1.2 (3/24/07)


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