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Updated: Sept 22, 2021

    Taking fun
      as simply fun
    and earnestness
      in earnest
    shows how thoroughly
      thou none
    of the two

            --Piet Hein (Grooks)

Leptonica Source Code

All the even-numbered releases from Version 1.42 through 1.60, and all subsequent releases, are available for download at GitHub.

Latest version: 1.82.0 (9/22/21) leptonica-1.82.0.tar.gz

Version: 1.81.1 (6/11/21) leptonica-1.81.1.tar.gz

Version: 1.80.0 (7/28/20) leptonica-1.80.0.tar.gz

Version: 1.79.0 (1/1/20) leptonica-1.79.0.tar.gz

Version: 1.78.0 (3/21/19) leptonica-1.78.0.tar.gz


This is a self-contained package that extracts C prototypes from C files. It was a fun exercise (see grook above) to build a simple parser with the leptonica string array (Sarray) utility. It is also included in the leptonica library.

Version 1.5 (5/15/11):


This is a self-contained package with a simple interface to gnuplot, but with no other dependencies. It is also included in the leptonica library.

Version 1.2 (3/24/07):

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